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Web design is booming these days. You yourself must be one of many who, wishing to create his own website, wants to learn how to go about it. There are different options: some people try using Frontpage, this being included in Microsoft Office package; others, bold enough, try using Dreamweaver instead. However, most people decide on hiring a designer. This is what we will be dealing with. Now, of course in the two first cases those concerned will be active participants –they will do all the work. But, does this mean that those hiring a designer will do nothing? Not at all. A client’s active participation is a must in design work. Not that the client should get involved with design as such; it has to do with something else. Whereas a Web designer deals with every graphic aspect of the website, the client has to come up with a concept for the Web page in question, make right decisions (e.g. when it comes to colors, typography, etc), accept or reject the designer’s suggestions, and the like. In short, hiring a designer does not release you from contributing to the development of your own website. Furthermore, such excuses as “I don’t know a thing about the Internet” or “I don’t know a thing about Web design” will have lost validity after reading this website.

What we are trying to do here is make you aware that you must have a share in the creation of your website. Otherwise, even when this seems not big deal, you will be in a disadvantageous position, as your Web page will lose its power to communicate and sell, and, above all, its identity (not to mention it will be of lowest quality).

But, what should I hire a designer if it is I who is going to do the work? Well, this is a wrong question, since it is not you who is going to do the work, but the designer. Nevertheless, the website having distinctive characteristics and needing personalized treatment rather than being some mass consumption object, the designer depends on your telling him what you want. Thus, your participation is essential for him to be able to do his work.

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The designer’s contribution is through its creativeness, wit, skill; however, all this he cannot put to use unless you provide him with some basis for his work. This basis is the concept of the website, that is what you want it to transmit (interest, formality, trustworthiness, wit, etc). There are lots of options –what you have to do is choose one and make the most of it.

This website is a practical guide for designers’ clients rather than for designers themselves. Here you will find all that is necessary for you to be able to take part in the process of designing. We will help you make wise decisions, accept or reject what the designer suggests according to what is more convenient to you, express what you want in a clear way, and communicate with the designer you have hired. For a better understanding of its concepts, this website has been divided into thematic sections, each of which will study in depth one important aspect of Web design. To begin with, “What is Web design?” defines, as its title suggests, what Web design is, and which its main characteristics are. “What is a website” focuses on the main functions every corporate Web page performs, thus making it clear why it is a good thing to have one and how it is that it will contribute to the growth of your company. “Corporate identity and the website” is about this close connection between those design elements which represent your company and the Web page itself. “Parts of the website” provides you with the terminology required to understand what your designer means when he says something like: “shall we make the header brighter”, or “Flash would be better for this”. Lastly, “You and the designer” clarifies why the relationship between the client and the designer is so important in design work.

Welcome to this website intended exclusively for you, and thank you for having trusted us. Now, we propose that you go ahead. Good luck!

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